‘It is wrong for some to think so; Don’t ignore my film’ – Aamir Khan Urukham


“Some people sincerely believe that I am unpatriotic. But that is not true. Actor Salman Khan said, “Don’t ignore the film ‘Lalsingh Satta’.”

Actor Aamir Khan is producing and acting in the Hollywood film ‘Forest Gump’ in Hindi under the name ‘Lalsingh Satta’. Directed by Advait Chandan, the film stars actress Kareena Kapoor. Made in Pan India, the film is slated to release worldwide on August 11.

Meanwhile, recently, the hashtag ‘Boycott Laal Singh Chaddha’ went viral on social media. The reason is that in an interview in 2015, actor Aamir Khan had said that ‘intolerance is increasing in India’.

After this, when his films are released, such hashtags are being circulated. In this case, ‘How do you see such campaigns against your films?’ Actor Aamir Khan was asked in a press conference.

He replied, “Yes. I am really sorry about this. I think some people who spread this kind of propaganda believe that I do not really love the country in my heart. But that is untrue. It is unfortunate that some people think so. It is not so. Please don’t ignore my picture. Please watch my film” he said.

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