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Updated: Monday, August 1, 2022, 13:49 [IST]

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Kochi: We must speak to the forces that take up guns with guns; Tamil Nadu Governor RN Ravi has said that peace talks should not be held.

Tamil Nadu Governor RN Ravi was the Governor of Nagaland. Prior to that, he had conducted peace talks with the Nagaland militants on behalf of the central government. Based on this experience, he was also appointed as the Governor of Nagaland.

During his tenure as the Governor of Nagaland, RN Ravi had alleged that terrorist groups and the state government were working together. Due to this, there was strong opposition to RN Ravi who held the post of Governor in the state of Nagaland. After this he was transferred to Tamil Nadu. Governor RN Ravi’s various actions and speeches are also creating controversy in Tamil Nadu.

Sanatana is the sign!  India became a secular country for political reasons: Governor RN Ravi speechSanatana is the sign! India became a secular country for political reasons: Governor RN Ravi speech

Gun Two Gun

Gun Two Gun

Meanwhile, in a program organized by human rights organization in Kochi, Kerala, Governor RN Ravi said: Violence can never be tolerated. If someone puts away a gun, we have to talk to that person with a gun. There should be no negotiation with forces that are against the unity and sovereignty of the country. The central government has not held any talks with any armed group for the last 8 years. Surrender is the single policy of the central government.

Mumbai attack

Mumbai attack

At the time of the Mumbai attacks, the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government in power at the center was not tough on Pakistan. We cannot forget the Mumbai attacks. India and Pakistan signed an agreement after the Mumbai attacks. It was written that both countries were affected by terrorism. How can we accept that?

Retaliation is required

Retaliation is required

A surgical strike was carried out in Balakot in response to the killing of 46 security personnel in Pulwama. Similarly, there is a need to warn that if you engage in terrorist activities, you will face severe consequences. That is what we demonstrated in Balakot. That is how a government should behave.

Tamilnadu Police Department has received the prestigious recognition of India

Friendly, hostile country

Friendly, hostile country

The threat of Jammu and Kashmir terrorists, attacks by terrorist groups in North Eastern states, attacks by Maoists have all come down significantly in the last 8 years. Which is a friendly country for us? Which is the enemy country? It is necessary to define RN Ravi said this.

English summary

Tamil Nadu governor RN Ravi said that there should be no negotiation with anyone who talks against the country’s unity and integrity.

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