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Published: Monday, August 1, 2022, 13:14 [IST]

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JERUSALEM: A female security guard at Gilbo prison in Israel has caused a sensation by saying that she was forced to have sexual relations with inmates and that she experienced sexual violence many times.

There is a prison called Gilboa in the northern part of Israel, one of the Middle Eastern countries.

Many criminals who have committed heinous crimes and many Palestinian criminals who commit attacks against Israelis are imprisoned in this prison.

5 years of threatening and raping the woman.. Sexual complaint against the Gujarat minister!  Controversy erupted 5 years of threatening and raping the woman.. Sexual complaint against the Gujarat minister! Controversy erupted

  Sexual harassment of female security guards

Sexual harassment of female security guards

Thus, this prison has the highest level of security features. The prison is kept under 24-hour surveillance ring. In spite of such security measures, it is said to be a regular occurrence in the local media that some irregularities are taking place in the jail. In that way, in the past few years, reports of sexual harassment of female guards in the Gilbo prison have been published in the Israeli media and have caused a sensation.

  News in succession

News in succession

However, in September last year, 6 Palestinian prisoners from Gilbo Prison escaped using the sewage canal. The issue is highly controversial in Israel. In the media there, news about the violation taking place in Gilbo Jail began to appear one after the other. It was then that prison wardens were accused of sexually entertaining female guards at Gilbo Prison. Since then, news about it has been coming out and then disappearing from time to time.

  Sexual harassment

Sexual harassment

In this situation, last week, a woman who said that she worked as a female security guard in Gilbo prison, said that she had been sexually abused in the prison. A Palestinian prisoner says he has been handed over as a sex slave by prison guards and has no interest in it. However, she mentioned in the online post that she was raped several times.

  Can't stand it

Can’t stand it

Prime Minister Yair Labit, who explained to his cabinet about the issue that caused a great stir in Israel, said, “It cannot be tolerated in any way that a female defense soldier is being sexually raped by a terrorist during her service. There must be an investigation into this matter. The victim woman will definitely receive appropriate help.” In a statement issued by the Israeli Ministry of Internal Security, “This incident in Gilboa prison has shocked the Israeli public. I was shocked to read the statement of the victim. We will ensure that such incidents do not happen again,” he said.

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Reports that the female guard had been abused by inmates at Gilboa prison have shaken the Israeli public. Israel’s premier promised an investigation.

Story first published: Monday, August 1, 2022, 13:14 [IST]

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