Excavated skeletons.. 117 bodies in total.. The village gathered together and it was strange.. What is the reason?




Updated: Monday, August 1, 2022, 13:50 [IST]

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JAKARTA: The skeletons that were dug and dug up came out.

Hindus on the Indonesian island of Bali traditionally cremate the remains of more than 100 dead people at once.

There is an island called Bali in Indonesia belonging to Southeast Asia… The Hindus here have a strange habit..

Alas!  50 feet long skeleton of a giant snake?Alas! 50 feet long skeleton of a giant snake?



That means they first dig the dead bodies and bury them.. After some time, they dig out the skeletons from the grave.. Even if they don’t find any skeletons, they take the bones one by one.. Then they put them in a heap and cremate them. Those people believe that they will be freed and start a new life.



In every family, the cost of exhuming and cremating skeletons like this is high, so they gather the skeletons together and cremate them. In this way, this cremation ceremony took place in a village called Patangpai in Bali. They dug up the corpses of 117 people.



Then, a special chariot was prepared at a height of 20 feet.. In that chariot, the boxes containing the bones were taken in procession. Relatives placed photos of the deceased on top of the coffins and paid their respects… 117 relatives, friends and public participated in this procession.

  Combustion of bone nests

Combustion of bone nests

Finally, the bones were placed in a huge ox-shaped bamboo doll and cremated… After all the skeletons were burned, the relatives took the ashes and dissolved them in the sea… This is the first time that the skeletons of 117 people were cremated in Patangpai village.. So, related photos and videos. are being shared on the Internet.

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secret behind the mass cremation and what happened in indonesia villages The ritual of cremation was held by gathering the skeletons together

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