Enjai Enjami Controversy: Music Composer Santhosh Narayanan’s Response to Knowledge


Music composer Santhosh Narayanan has responded to the singer’s knowledge that he was being ignored in the success of the Enjai Enjami song.

Last year the independent song Enjai Enjami, produced by music director Santhosh Narayanan, was released with singers’ knowledge, thee voice. Since its release, the song has trended on the internet and became a huge hit. So far this song has been viewed by more than 42 crore people on YouTube.

In this situation, recently, the singer Abadali was amazing in the Chess Olympiad. However, the independent songstress, Nidu, who is considered to be the main part of the song, did not participate in the Chess Olympiad event. In this regard, many people raised questions on social media whether the knowledge that was the reason for the success of Enjai Enjami song is being ignored. In this case, this morning the singer had shared in an Instagram post about his knowledge of being ignored. This post went viral.

In this situation, Santhosh Narayanan has issued a statement to explain the registration of knowledge. in it. “I would like to tell about my journey with the song ‘Enjai Enjami’. Last December 2020, Dee told me that she wanted to create a song in Tamil to celebrate our history and nature. Following this, Fire, Knowledge and I worked together on this with mutual respect.

The song was sung by Thee and Knowledge, and both of them contributed to the composition of the song. He composed the music for the lyrics sung by Thee. I created the mat for the other lines. I had also made a med for the lines sung by Vidhu.

I have spent a lot of time working on the lyrics of this song. Grandfathers and grandmothers from around Arakkonam region helped with the oppari lyrics in the song. Thank you for your knowledge and appreciation for their contribution. We took 30 hours to complete the song ‘Enjai Enjami’. We were very happy while recording the song. I declare openly that I, Fire and Knowledge shared all the income from this song equally.

In Chess Olympiad, we have informed the event organizers that Knowledge will not be able to participate in the song event ‘Enjai Enjami’ due to his trip to America.

I always feel knowledge is the best artist. I have always used my creative platform for the oppressed. I have only love for the art and artists of this land. The artists who participated in this song about ‘Enjai Enjami’, I am ready to discuss with me personally and in public.

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