Are only Hindi actresses eligible for ‘Padma Shri’? – Actress Jayasuda Question


Jayasudha has acted in many films in Tamil including ‘Arangeetam’, ‘Sollathan Shakana’, ‘Baghdad Perazakhi’, ‘Apoorva Ragangal’, ‘Ninaithalale Inikkum’.

Currently she is playing the role of mother in several films including Vijay’s ‘Varisu’. It has been 50 years since he came to the screen industry.

In this regard, in an interview given to a Telugu channel, he said: Even though I have completed 50 years in cinema, no one has given me even a bouquet of flowers. If it was a hero, it would have been a big celebration.

In this 50-year journey, I see successful heroes celebrated and actresses belittled. Even if a lead hero doesn’t dance well, the director blames the heroine.

Besides, actresses from Mumbai are given more importance here. They even reserve a room for their puppy. They ask, “Why didn’t you get the Padma Shri after being in cinema for so many years?”

I don’t have an answer for this. Maybe actress Kangana gave it to Ranaut because of her close connection with the government. Are only Bollywood actresses eligible for Padma Shri? Are others not eligible?

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