Actor Salman Khan allowed by Mumbai police to keep gun


Mumbai Police has granted permission to actor Salman Khan to keep a gun.

Recently Salman Khan and his father received a death threat letter from a mysterious person. It said that you will be killed like Punjabi singer Sidhu Moose Vala, who was killed last May. Following the threat, actor Salman Khan lodged a complaint with the Bandra police station in Mumbai.

Following this, the police department has beefed up security around his house. Also, the police department has advised to reduce circulation in public and avoid cycling.

After this, actor Salman Khan had applied to the Mumbai Police for permission to keep a gun for self-defense. In this case, the Mumbai Police Department has given him a license to keep a gun. He has been issued a firearms license only after following standard guidelines.

“Actor Salman Khan, who applied for an arms license for self-defense in the wake of recent threatening letters received by him, has been granted an arms license,” the Mumbai Police Department said.

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