The loving wife who went to the water fall with a desire.. The husband who stabbed her with a knife.. The police are looking for the woman



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Updated: Sunday, July 31, 2022, 21:03 [IST]

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Sengunram: Police are investigating a youth who allegedly stabbed his beloved wife to death in Andhra Pradesh’s Kone Falls.

Manikam hails from Puzhal Kathirvedu area next to Chennai. His wife is Balkhiz. Their daughter is Tamil Selvi (19). Madan (22) hails from Padiyanallur Jyoti Nagar area next to Senggunram. Tamil woman and Madan were in love.

After dating for the last 4 months, both of them got married and were drinking alone. In this situation, her parents lodged a complaint with Sengunram police that their daughter Tamilchelvi was missing since last June.

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Tamil Ms

Tamil Ms

Based on this complaint, Madan, the husband of the Tamil lady, was investigated. Then Madan, on the 25th of last month, went on a two-wheeler trip with his wife to Kone Falls in Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh. Then there was a dispute between the two. Due to this, Madan stabbed the woman.

What about the wife?

What about the wife?

After that, leaving the girl there, only Madan came home. Madan gave in his statement that he did not know what happened to his wife. After that, the police took Madan and went to Kone Falls, which he had mentioned. The police visited the place where the Tamil woman was said to have been stabbed.

Police search

Police search

The girl was not there then. The police searched the entire area for the Tamil woman. He was not available. Subsequently, with the help of the Andhra Police, they viewed and analyzed the footage recorded in the surveillance cameras at the foothills. Then it was revealed that Madan and the Tamil woman were going to the water fall together and only Madan was coming.

Searched for 3 days

Searched for 3 days

Searching for the past 3 days has not found any information about the girl. The Tamil girl’s mother said that whenever the girl spoke to her mother, Madan scolded her and that on the first day of her disappearance, when she was talking to her daughter, Madan grabbed her cell phone and abused her with obscene words. The parents are worried about their daughter’s condition. The police are investigating whether someone rescued the daughter and admitted her to the hospital or Madan fell down from a height due to the stabbing.

English summary

Husband stabbed his wife in Cone falls, Andhra over a dispute. Police investigation going on.

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