Over the Indian Ocean.. Red and purple light in the sky.. What? Scientists explain



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Updated: Sunday, July 31, 2022, 11:37 [IST]

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BEIJING: Many people took pictures on their cellphones of a sudden flash of red and purple light in the sky over the Indian Ocean. Scientists have explained the reason for this as these scenes are spreading rapidly on social media.

Many countries of the world are sending satellites into space. Thus many satellites orbit the earth along with the moon.

However, rockets are required to keep these satellites in space. For this, the world countries are sending satellites to space by rocket.

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  People taking pictures on cell phones

People taking pictures on cell phones

These rockets weighing between 5 and 20 tons launch satellites into space and keep them there. Sometimes some rockets or their broken parts are attracted by Earth’s gravity and fall somewhere on Earth. In that way, scientists have predicted that the spare parts of the rocket sent by China will fall on the earth. They also said that it may fall in the Indian Ocean or the Indian border. In this situation, many people who were surprised to see the sudden appearance of light flames in space took pictures on their cell phones and posted them on social media. These posts are trending on social media today.

  A cluster of meteors?

A cluster of meteors?

In this video, red and blue lights flashed. People saw this sudden appearance in the night sky and captured it on their cell phones. Many people said to themselves that it was a cluster of meteors. But in reality, it is the burned parts of a Chinese rocket. It has been revealed that Chinese rocket parts re-entered the Earth’s atmosphere in the Indian Ocean. The US space agency has also confirmed this.

  Scientists explain

Scientists explain

China’s Long March 5B entered the atmosphere in the Indian Ocean region at 10:45 a.m. (MDT) and the US space agency said it wanted information from China about the location of the rocket parts and where they disintegrated. Many people from East and Southeast Asian countries saw this strange light in the sky. While many were talking about it as galaxies, scientists immediately gave an explanation.



Chris Hadfield, a scientist at the US space agency NASA, tweeted that a Chinese rocket had apparently burned up over Malaysia. Wait to know where the rocket’s parts are going to fall on Earth,” he posted. NASA Administrator Bill Nelson has strongly criticized China for not handling the issue of the rocket’s entry into Earth’s atmosphere. All countries involved in space exploration should follow the best practice of sharing such information in advance. “Doing so will be critical to the responsible use of space and ensuring the safety of people on Earth.”

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Chinese rocket that reentered earth’s atmosphere over the Indian Ocean. Thousands in east and southeast Asia witnessed the alluring show across the night sky.

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