Kulukulu: Screen Review


A nomadic Google (Shandanam), the last man in a tribal race wiped out in the name of urbanization. He helps those who ask for help, like the Google search engine that helps regardless of who it is. Thus, he faces many problems. A group of 5 friends get kidnapped and ask Google to help rescue them.

The story is what Google gains and loses in this life-threatening operation.
Directed by Ratnakumar, the film is directed by Ratnakumar, who has written the character of a good-hearted young man who was born in the Amazon forests and yearns to meet another human being who speaks his language. Santhanam has played a compelling role for the first time. He can be appreciated for that.

Not only Google, every character has a strange character. Therefore, many scenes hang here and there in order to draw the consequences as a screenplay. Many of the scenes are even more meaningful and stomach-churning. The politics that the director talks about are well taken in the midst of endangered languages, importance of mother tongue and life choices of women.

The son of an astronaut who plays abduction to test his father’s love, his paranoid girlfriend who is afraid of old people, his friend who is attracted to him, another who talks about ordinary things with long metaphors, a French girl who speaks Tamil fluently, and the villain’s younger brother who is interested in the game of Pubji, is a partner who faces unusual life situations. The characters and their reactions when faced with problems are captivating till the end. The plot and hiccups of the film are rife in its finale.

It is long and takes away from the style of the film. Santhosh Narayanan’s background music and songs add strength to the film. Vijay Karthik Kannan’s cinematography gives the story what it needs. Those who expect everything happening on the screen to be logical have a hard time getting along with the film. Beyond such audiences, ‘Kulukulu’ will give a cool comedy experience to those who want a different screen experience.

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