Jyoti: Screen Review


A famous surgeon Ashwin (‘I’ Saravanan) runs a hospital in Chennai. As the day of delivery approaches, he leaves his wife Aruljyoti (Sheela) alone at home and goes to Bengaluru for work. After work, when he returns home the next day, Jyoti is admitted to another hospital. It’s not for delivery, it’s for survival!

When Jyoti was at home, they performed a caesarean section and stole her child. Even so, the police are shocked whether the child can be stolen. The story is about how Sakthi Balan (Vetri), a police officer who lives in the opposite house of Jyoti, uncovers the hidden truth in this case.

Stealing and selling children from hospitals continues to be an intractable crime in India. Taking it as the crux of the story, the director has touched the pain of those who have lost their children and illuminated the film with an honest and lively investigative screenplay. In particular, Jyoti’s friend, his childless wife, is brought into the ring by police officer Shakti.

If Vetri as a police officer is thought to be the hero of the film, Sheela takes that place. Sheela Rajkumar with her poignant performance shows that a thousand things are hidden behind the calmness of a woman, despite having many opportunities to shed tears.

Next to them are Krisha Group, Kumaravel, ‘Nan’ Saravanan, Raja Sethupathi, Maim Gopi and others who are compelling characters who move the story to the next stage. They too have realized it and acted gracefully and responsibly.

The screenplay fails to explain why Jyoti’s parents felt the need to write a will earlier, leaves the stage for the use of Harshavardhan Rameswar’s music, and AV Krishna Paramatma’s debut direction is not flawed. Putting believable twists in a moving story, this ‘Jyoti’ shines as a simple flame that succeeds in raising awareness about child trafficking!

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