‘If I don’t come to cinema’ – director Bharathiraja’s interesting speech


Director and actor Bharathiraja said, “If I had not entered the cinema, I would have watered the garden, farmed or got married and had children.”

Tamil Film Journalists Association’s identity card distribution ceremony was held in Chennai today on a grand scale.

Participating in this, Bharathiraja said, “Lokesh Kanagaraj made us look back in all four directions in all four films. After watching the movie Vikram I called him and talked to him. I didn’t even see him. It was only after the movie Vikram that I came to know about his previous movies. Lokesh Kanagaraj, who came in surrounded by many dreams and imaginations, has great artistic wisdom.

Kamal is a wonderful artist who has lost a lot of things for cinema and a film like this has given him everything he has lost so far as an investment. The reason for that is Lokesh Kanagaraj. Seeing all these directors, the thought of traveling with them never crossed my mind till now.

I am acting in four films and I have finished writing the stories for two films.

If I didn’t get into cinema, I would have watered the garden or farmed or got married and had children and lived as a normal person.. But cinema has brought me somewhere and stopped me. My wish is to live as a cinematographer, even if I get seven lives in such a cinema, not just one life.”

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