Clicked by 3000 photographers simultaneously – Rose Guinness World Record


Actor and Minister of Andhra Pradesh Roja has created a new record and entered the Guinness Book of Records ‘Wonder Book of Records’.

Actress Roja emerged as a leading actress in Tamil, Telugu and Kannada films in the 90s. After getting married to director RK Selvamani, she later stopped acting in films and started showing interest in politics.

Subsequently, he contested from the Nagari constituency on behalf of the OSR Congress and is currently serving as the Sports and Youth Development Minister of Andhra Pradesh. In this case, Minister Roja has created a new Guinness record.

In other words, Roja has the honor of being photographed by 3,000 photographers at the same time and has been placed in the Guinness Book of Records. The arrangement was made at a private wedding hall in Vijayawada and 3000 photographers with digital cameras were present at the wedding hall. Then the minister Roja who arrived there appeared on the platform set up outside the wedding hall. Subsequently, 3 thousand photographers photographed him. 3 thousand photographers took pictures of Minister Roja at the same time as one click on same time.

With this, she became the first woman minister to be photographed by 3,000 photographers for the first time. Thus, he got a place in the ‘Wonder Book of Record’ Guinness Book of Records. Minister Roja was subsequently awarded a Guinness World Record certificate.

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