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Vikrant Rona (Sudeep) arrives with his daughter to investigate the murder of a police officer who comes to Kamarot Town. On arrival he sees some unusual occurrences. When the investigation starts with surprise, it is revealed that 16 children have been killed in succession. The town believes that a ghost in the forest did this. Who really did it and why these murders? The film is about how Vikrant Rona finds out.

Meanwhile, another track tells the story of Sanju (Nirup Bhandari), the son of village elder Janarthan (Madhusudhan Rao) who ran away after stealing the temple jewel, returns to the village after 26 years, Sanju falls in love with his cousin daughter Panna (Neetha Ashok), who comes to his house, and clashes in flashback.

Director Anoop Bhandari, who tries to deliver a menacing revenge film, succeeds half of it. The film makes the film enjoyable as the paranormal scenes create fear in the fans and the grandeur of the scenes spread through the arenas.

Kicha Sudeep as Vikrant Rona. Cigar in hand, gun tucked in waist, assault gaze, the way he brings everyone into the net of suspicion, the affection he shows to his daughter, the bravery of going alone into the forest, the climactic conflict gives justice to his heroism.

Madhusudhan Rao impresses as a valiant, angry elder. Neeta Ashok is engaged to someone else and falls in love with Nirup in a disturbing scene. Jacqueline Fernandez leaves with a punch. Priya V as the mother and Ravi Shankar Gowda as Vishwanath do their parts well.

William David’s 3D cinematography is one of the film’s strengths, but you can’t help but feel like you’re watching the entire film in the dark. Ajanese Loganath’s background score is delightful. Songs are fast.

It is confusing because the period in which the story takes place is not specified. The back-and-forth narration prevents the screenplay from becoming one with the film. Even though 16 children were killed in the town, no one is worried or alarmed and wanders around singing their songs. If only 15 minutes of footage had been taken into account, Vikrant could have given Rona a Jill whistle!

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