8 models raped at the same time.. Men stripped naked.. Cruelty in South Africa



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Updated: Saturday, July 30, 2022, 20:47 [IST]

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JOHANNESBURG: A gang who raped eight models at gunpoint and brutally assaulted men while shooting for a music album in South Africa has caused a stir.

Krugersdorp is a town near Johannesburg, South Africa. A lot of shooting is going on in this city. In this case, shooting for the music album is currently going on there.

8 models have participated in this shooting. All of them are between 18 to 35 years of age. Also many people are involved in shooting related work.

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Models raped at gunpoint

Models raped at gunpoint

In this case, the shooting for the music album was going on as usual. Then a gang entered Tibet with guns. The mob threatened the people present at the shooting spot with guns and attacked them with volleys. They also threatened the models with guns and raped them. At gunpoint, the gang forcibly gang-raped the models. The gang refused to let the models beg them to leave.

Naked men

Naked men

The men were also attacked by the mob. They stripped the men of their clothes and assaulted them. They also smashed the equipment at the shooting spot and took all their money and goods and escaped from there. This incident has caused great shock in South Africa.

  Principal intervention

Principal intervention

The public has been insisting that the people involved in this heinous act should be arrested and punished accordingly. The country’s President Cyril Ramaphosa, who has directly commented on this issue, has issued an action order to the Minister of Home Affairs that “criminals should be quickly arrested and punished”. Due to this, the police investigation has been intensified.

Mining gangs

Mining gangs

Meanwhile, according to the preliminary investigation by the police, it has been revealed that the gang involved in the crime belonged to a foreign country, and while they had come to loot the mineral mines of South Africa, they threatened and assaulted the people who were shooting, sexually assaulted them and robbed them. So which country did the gang belong to? Where are they hiding now? The police are actively investigating. Based on the suspicion, the police have arrested 67 people and are conducting serious investigations.

English summary

In South Africa gang-raped eight models at gunpoint, stripped and brutally assaulted men while shooting for a music album.

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