“Swiggy was driven by my assistant director” – Director Sriganesh Urukam


“My assistant director worked on Swiggy during the delay of Kruti Atham,” says director Sriganesh wryly.

Produced by Rockford Entertainment producer Muruganandham and directed by Sriganesh of ‘8 Bullets’ fame, the movie ‘Kruthi Atham’ stars Atharva Murali and Priya Bhavani Shankar. The film, which has been developed as a commercial drama, will hit theaters worldwide on August 5. The film crew held a press conference on Thursday to mark the release of the film.

Speaking on the occasion, director Sriganesh said, “When 8 bullets arrived, we started talking to Atharva. In any film, Atharva would spare time and act for my film. While narrating the story, after listening to the first half, he hugged me and said, ‘You have saved my faith.’ When asked to listen to the second half, he said, ‘I am happy with the first half. He said, ‘You should start your religious work.’ This is the first film for cinematographer Dinesh and editor Anil.

I believe many actors of this film will get a big opportunity with this film. It will be an action and emotional story,” he said.

He continued to stage his assistant directors, “When there was a little delay in the middle of the film, I said, ‘Even if you get another film, go and do it’.” Guru, who worked as an assistant director in the film, was driving Swiggy. He said, ‘Whenever you start the film, I will come.'” He broke down in tears while saying this.

He continued, “So are the other assistant directors. No matter what film they work in, they come here. I hope this film will open a new path for them.

Mishkin’s speech: Speaking on the occasion, director Mishkin said, “Sreeganesh once came to me and asked me to be an ‘assistant director’. I asked what father was doing, he said, ‘No father, sir’. That’s how he introduced me. He worked in my major film ‘Onaiyum Atutkuttyyum’. Sriganesh, who was my assistant, was a virtuous person. His first film turned out to be one of the best. There should always be a feeling in the screenplay of the film. Someone who wants to make a good film. I always say ‘out of experimentation comes a creator’.

Cinema is not only an entertainment medium. It is also a medium that reflects life. Dhananjeyan told me, ‘Your assistants give good cinema’. My assistants always give only good picture. He who does not do so is not my helper. I asked Atharva to act in ‘Pisasu’. He was busy then. Couldn’t do it. The assistant director who said that Swiggy drove will surely become a great director.

The film is the debut film for many technicians who have contributed immensely. I believe many of the actors of this film will get a big chance with this film. It will be an action and emotional story,” he said.

Actor Atharva said, “When Sriganesh was telling this story, all the characters in the story were important. By capturing all the characters, Srikanesh has turned it into an elegant film. Music director Yuvan has made this story a great one. The director has seen and done everything,” he said. The film will hit theaters worldwide on August 5.

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