First Look | Vikrant Rona – A work that does not disappoint with mystery, horror, fantasy!


The film online is about the journey of a police officer to find the reasons behind the constant murders. At the beginning of the film, four or five children sit down and tell a story told by their grandmother. In this fictional story, children are kidnapped and killed in a village. As the reason for this is not known, Vikrant Rona (Kichha Sudeep), a newly arrived police officer in the town, starts investigating the matter.

That investigation leads to several new twists. ‘Vikrant Rona’ is a dark fantasy adventure film that tells whether these murders are done by supernatural forces or by individuals. Made in Kannada, the film has been released in ‘Pan India’ mode.

Kichha Sudeep as Vikrant Rona. Kattudal grabs attention with Manny as a no-nonsense, fearless, contract police officer. Mech is stylish in a character that doesn’t show much emotion, and gives a great performance in action scenes. Nirup Bhandari has acted perfectly in romantic scenes and action scenes to the extent that he is the second leading man after him.

The heroine Neeta Ashok has given a decent performance. Jacqueline Fernandez’s dance moves and her song is already a hit, but it’s a treat to watch on screen in 3D. Apart from this, Ravi Shankar Gowda, Madhusudathan Rao and many others have given necessary performances.

Directed by Anup Bhandari, the film released in Pan India mode is definitely a visual treat in 3D and the visuals are so good. A dark fantasy film, the first half drags aimlessly. Confusion lingers about where the film is heading and the film does not go along with it. The biggest strength of the film is its art direction.

The elegant art design brings the visuals to life. Similarly, VFX, graphics, stunts add to the quality of the film. They have organized a screening party similar to Hollywood films and given it in dark mode. It gives the feeling of watching a movie in the dark at first but then you get used to it.

The second half completely removes the lethargy of the first half. Actually the movie starts after the break. As each knot is untied, the film comes to life. We also start with the image. It seems that in the course of going, the mention of the atrocity of untouchability may have been recorded with added emphasis. Also, the director puts an end to the questions about some logic violations in the flashback scenes by calling them fantasy. The single shot action at the climax gets the focus.

William David’s camera plays intrudingly. His cinematography incorporating 3D technology adds to the weight of the scenes. Composed by Ajanesh Loknath, the song ‘Rara Raakamma’ makes the cinema go wild. The background music never fails to give a sense of horror. It has turned out to be a technically strong film.

All in all, if you get past the poor first half with the help of 3D, the second half will definitely not disappoint you as it offers comfort and contains some surprises.

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