First Look | Kulukulu – Is ‘dark comedy’ a work out?


‘Kulukulu’ is a collection of ‘dark comedy’ mishaps of the Santhanam-led team who go to rescue a friend. Google (Sandanam) who turns a blind eye when someone asks for help, lives a lonely life with no one. Sometimes his favors turn out to be his own disadvantage. In this situation, 3 people ask Google for help to recover their kidnapped friend. ‘Kulukulu’ is a film that tells whether Google who fights with them to save their friend is successful or not in the end, along with some other sub-stories.

This is an important film for actor Santhanam as he gave a performance that was not ironic and did not show off, with hair growing past the forehead, a long beard and matching clothes. Santhanam has completely transformed from the usual and has chosen a compelling character.

In the film he doesn’t laugh, he doesn’t entertain anyone but scores the performance in a way that makes the audience enjoy and laugh. Athulya Chandra and Namitha Krishnamurthy have both contributed to the film. The performance of George Maryan and his 2 companions makes the theater shake in syrup. Apart from this, Sai Deena and Pradeep Rawat give compelling performances.

‘Gulukulu’ is directed by Ratnakumar of ‘Meyadha Maan’ fame as a rare Tamil dark comedy in the style of ‘Jil Jung Jag’, ‘Soodhu Kavvum’ and ‘Doctor’. After a long time the entire theater was seen laughing uproariously. It finally happened in the movie ‘Dr.’ Dark comedy is a rare face of Tamil cinema. Even a little mischief will leave the path for it.

Ratnakumar has handled the screenplay elegantly without going away like that. Without any big deep and compelling story, Goth’s way of telling some things in a comedic way makes the film noticeable.

Verses such as ‘If I had closed everything, I would have got a bachelor’s degree, I don’t want that degree’, ‘What is the language for understanding hunger and pain?’ The film emphatically records that man is selfish at best and a woman does not need to hide her desires just because she is old. Besides, the shootout before the break was entertaining. The gang war scenes at the end make ‘Lollu Saba’ a fun film with Seshu’s timing.

Music director Santhosh Narayanan takes the film to another level through his music. Another director of the film adds flavor to the scenes with comic music. Especially ‘Matna Galli’ and ‘Amma Nana’ are enjoyable. Vijay Karthi’s cinematography in the final scene is impressive even in the dark.

The film moves a bit impatiently here and there. The scenes behind it make you forget it. It seems that even the length of the climax scene could have been shortened further.

All in all, ‘Kulukulu’ has come out as a movie that is suitable for the fans of ‘dark comedy’ to go to the cinema without any expectations and have fun and laugh.

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