China’s rocket is going to fall from space! Where does it fall? Who is at risk?



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Published: Friday, July 29, 2022, 16:26 [IST]

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Beijing: It is feared that a Chinese-owned rocket orbiting in our space zone may fall to Earth.

Humans send hundreds of satellites into space every year. The rockets carrying these satellites are orbiting in space.

Sometimes parts of the satellites launched in this way are attracted by the Earth’s gravity. Such an incident is about to happen now.

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  A rocket falling to earth

A rocket falling to earth

Our neighbor China is building its own space research center in space. From time to time, China sends rockets from Earth to build it. That’s how China recently sent the necessary materials to the space station through the Long March rocket. Some parts of the rocket may fall to earth, researchers have predicted.



Normally when a satellite is launched into space, boosters are sent to help it move in the desired direction. A portion of the booster is now about to fall to Earth. Experts have raised concerns in this regard. It is noteworthy that even in the past, Chinese rockets have similarly fallen from space to earth at various times.

  Don't know where it will fall

Don’t know where it will fall

The rocket weighs about 22 tons and is 100 feet long. As the rocket was launched recently, it has now positioned the satellite. The rocket is expected to return to Earth tomorrow Saturday due to Earth’s gravity. At the same time, the researchers said that they do not know in which part of the earth this rocket is likely to fall.

  Chances are low

Chances are low

Most objects that fall to Earth from space burn up on the way to earth. As they come towards the earth at high speed, when they collide with the wind, they become dust. Meanwhile, China’s rocket is bigger compared to others. Due to this, several pieces of the rocket may fall to earth, according to the researchers.



The rocket is expected to fall into several pieces in an area about 2,000 kilometers long and 70 kilometers wide. There is a very high chance that parts of the rocket will fall to Earth this coming Saturday night or early Sunday morning. However, most of the time, they are likely to fall into the sea, desert or forest, and pose no great danger to humans.

  Long March 5b

Long March 5B

At the same time, if these fall in the area where people are present, it is likely to cause danger. Last March 2020, parts of China’s Long March 5B rocket fell in the West African country of Ivory Coast. As a result, many buildings were badly damaged. However, no one was harmed.

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China’s rocket may fall from the sky: China space research latest news.

Story first published: Friday, July 29, 2022, 16:26 [IST]

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