First Look | The Legend – Fights to save the people… Will the audience survive?


The story of the hero who struggles to find a cure for dementia and nationalize it is the film’s online. Renowned scientist Saravanan (Arul Saravanan) returns to his hometown thinking of serving his country and people after turning down many high positions that come his way. The loss of someone close to him that occurs there prompts Saravanan to find a permanent cure for diabetes. As he embarks on a quest for it, does he eventually find the cure? What did the drug mafia do to him to stop it? How Dr. Saravanan, who overcame all this, became ‘The Legend’ Saravanan is the screenplay of the film.

His performance is like a heartbeat for the film as the entire screenplay moves on the hero Arul Saravanan. But, his acting did not help. In the scenes of tears, in the scenes of angry dialogues with the opponent, romance, comedy dance, you can feel the dryness of emotions everywhere. Having the same reactions to all moments leads to boredom at some point.

The heroines Urvashi Rautela and Geethika Tiwari both gave ‘okay’ performances. Comedian actor Vivek (his final film) does not fail to deliver his usual performance. Only he is given live audio. Apart from this, Yogi Babu, Robo Shankar, Prabhu, Vijayakumar, Livingston, Suman, Mansoor Alikhan, Divya Darshini, Munishkanth, all have recorded performances befitting the character.

JD-Jerry co-directed the film. The biggest problem with ‘The Legend’ is its haphazardly moving visuals. The film does not move as a whole to the viewer, but rather as individual scenes. I don’t understand what the first half of the film is going towards as the story takes a sudden jump with unrelated scenes. It seems that they have written only the scenes and then made a screenplay based on them.

When the duck scene of Surya Vamsam came, I was a bit skeptical. Because the directors are directing the film The Legend after 19 years. The film has to face challenges like annoying comedy scenes, ‘Avan Badhi Aal Illa’ build-up lines, unnecessary songs. Intermittently, Nasser appears on another screen and gives the hero occasional energy boosts like ‘Boost is the secret of my energy’ like ‘Weldon my dear boy’.

Cut to a scene where the man walking is in a running train. A person in Manali is suddenly in his own village. Seeing all this, there is no doubt that the film is a superhero film. Appearing like MGR with a whip and a costume change for Prem, the over-dose screenplay is entirely focused on heroism.

Haris Jayaraj’s comeback gives comfort in the background music of the fight scenes, while in the sentimental scenes, the lingering ‘Aaaah…’ voice gives the feel of the serial. The song ‘Vadivasal’ ‘Masalo Masalu’ is approx. Cinematography by Velraj and editing by Reuben are strengths of the film. Although Reuben may have questioned the director about unrelated scenes!

All in all, the hero fights to save the people by condemning the medicine. But it’s a shame he didn’t think about saving the audience. By this the film adds justice to the title by making the audience ‘The Legend’.

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