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What would be the thought process of a common man when he sees a man with a bells band, a bobbed hair, a flower emblazoned t-shirt and a top that teases to peek a mustache on the screen? He saw himself in that lamp that glowed in the pitch darkness. A person who was with him compares himself to the hero with the feeling of suddenly appearing on the screen. He celebrates his victory as his victory. That’s how Dhanush entered the homes and hearts of the youth without any calling bell!

Dhanush, who appeared on screen as a simple, middle-class person, was embraced by the Tamil cinema world. Dhanush is a mirror especially for the youth crowd between 18 to 35 years. His physique and complexion alone did not make this possible. On the contrary, all the characters he has adopted have simple backgrounds.

If he goes a little higher, he would have acted as a member of a middle-class family. These two are what made Dhanush the actor one of us. The talk about Dhanush’s performance is over. So, let’s analyze the hero named Dhanush in relation to the above two dimensions.

Selvaraghavan has laid out the hormonal games of Vidal teenagers in the movie ‘Tulluvatho Ihla’ as ‘Oru Patan thaan urasip bodi parhiyile’. The plot of the film and Dhanush started connecting with the youth crowd, where the girl is always mysterious.

Successive films like ‘Chullaan’, ‘Devetiyat Kanden’, ‘Thiruvilayadal Aarambam’ and ‘Polladhavan’ showcased the problems faced by the youth of middle class families like father-son relationship, love and work.

‘Polladhavan’ in particular added even more intimacy by showcasing every youngster’s dream bike and the stretch of struggle that comes with it. That was also the time when Pulsar was introduced. As Dhanush drives a car on screen, youngsters in theaters take a break.

He was a tonic for the Soup Boys by acting in films like ‘Yaradi Nee Mohini’ and ‘Kutti’ which sanctified a head romance. ‘Mari’ as an ‘unemployed graduate’ in commercials and on the other hand films with content like ‘Puthuppettai’, ‘Aadukulam’, ‘Mayakam Enna’, ‘Maryan’, ‘Asuran’, ‘North Chennai’, ‘Karnan’ are promoting the common people. Dhanush has appeared on the screen. Most of the audience absorbed him so realistically when he played those characters. Even recently, when he lent his voice in Asuran as ‘Study is important’ and as a village youth fighting for his rights in ‘Karnan’, he has never alienated himself on screen in any way.

Just as ‘Polladavan’ connected a young man struggling to buy a bike, engineering studies were at their peak when the film ‘Velaidad Pattadhari’ came out. At that time, youths who were struggling to get jobs found comfort in Dhanush on the screen. They still owe a cutout to Dhanush, who mostly mirrored the lives of 90’s kids.

So we can definitely say that Dhanush is not a superior actor just because of his acting. People celebrate Dhanush’s success as their own because he is a hero who represents the common and middle class people, and also because he depicts the daily life of the youth living in it. When he gets a national award, it’s like the boy next door getting an award and also celebrating his birthday and their brother’s birthday by cutting cakes at home.

Dhanush is making a strong mark in Hollywood so it can be called a special birthday.

Happy Birthday Dhanush!

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