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‘Jyoti’ is a compelling online story about child trafficking and trafficking.

A child is surgically removed from the womb of a home-alone pregnant woman and kidnapped. The police department is investigating to find the people responsible for this shocking incident. ‘Jyothi’ is a film that tells us who is the culprit and what is the background behind the crime after a long search. It will hit theaters tomorrow (July 28).

Vetri, who acted in the films ‘8 Bullets’ and ‘Jeevi’, plays a crime-solving police officer in this film. But where tension and anger are expressed, we can see the confusion. They look stark in close-up shots. Acting requires extra managment where emotions are expressed. Ilango Kumaravel, who plays the role of a constable, has given his usual excellent performance.

Sheela Rajkumar, who plays a pregnant woman, and Mime Gobi, who gets the attention even though she only gets a few scenes as the father, have recorded compelling performances. The performance of the other actors is felt to be inadequate.

Director Krishna Paramathma has filmed an important online story about child trafficking. The producer of the film said that the film is based on a true story. The opening scene of the film starts with a bang. The film travels directly into the story without any compromises, giving the interest for the subsequent scenes.

As the investigation begins to find out who the culprit is, the pace slows down with less stressful scenes where the film needs to pick up pace. In the serious film, ‘Anil Samiyava?’ I couldn’t enjoy the lines teasing the specific disease and the lines like ‘Pen Boliseoda Purushana Vathava Adivaanganam’ as a comedy.

The backstory for Sheela Rajkumar in the film was good. The crew can be appreciated for the way they chose the important story. Besides, the story could have been carried through a compelling screenplay. However, without any information about the background of Pacchilam child abduction, the superficial plot gives a sense of the depth of the story.

At the end of the film, it is said in mere letters that 40,000 children are abducted in India every year and 11,000 of them are never recovered. The film would have gained more attention if the information about this had been scripted.

Similarly, like a cameo actor, the way the criminal character is written fails to convey the gravity of the problem to the audience. The recording of things like the pain of parents who have lost a child and the mood of women who are unable to have a child is noteworthy.

Composed by Harsh Vardhan and sung by Yesudas, the final scene of the film, ‘Yar done Bhavamo’ is heart-melting. The way the entire emotion of the film is conveyed in this single song is impressive. Karthik Netha’s lyrics are a major strength of the song.

All in all, Jyothi is seen in a dim light as the compelling online is burnt down with a shallow screenplay.

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