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Updated: Wednesday, July 27, 2022, 17:35 [IST]

Balloons banned ahead of PM Modi's trip for the Chess Olympiad in Chennai

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Balloons banned ahead of PM Modi’s trip for the Chess Olympiad in Chennai

(Today (27.07.2022) some of the news published in newspapers and internet of Tamilnadu, Sri Lanka are presented here for you. )

On the occasion of the visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the police has banned the flying of balloons for two days in Chennai under the Criminal Procedure Code 144, according to a report in Dinamani newspaper.

The opening ceremony of the Chess Olympiad will be held on the evening of July 28 at the Nehru Indoor Stadium, Chennai. Prime Minister Narendra Modi participates in this and starts the competition. Pratham Moti, who is staying at the Tamil Nadu Government House that day, will participate in the Anna University graduation ceremony on the next day, July 29.

On the occasion of Prime Minister’s visit, security has been beefed up in Chennai for the past one week. However, in order to avoid any untoward incidents, drones, small unmanned aircrafts and parachutes have been banned in Chennai for two days on July 28 and 29.

Similarly, Metropolitan Police Commissioner Shankar Jiwal has ordered under the Criminal Procedure Act 144 to ban the flying of air balloons and gas balloons.

In the 2018 protest, Madhyamik General Secretary Vaiko


In the 2018 protest, Madhyamik General Secretary Vaiko

Bhimavaram incident: When Prime Minister Narendra Modi went to participate in the 125th birthday celebrations of freedom fighter Alluri Sitarama Raju in Bhimavaram in Andhra Pradesh on the 4th, black balloons were flown in protest by the Congress party. The balloons seemed to collide with the helicopter in which Modi was traveling, posing a threat to his safety.

Due to this, under the Criminal Procedure Act 144, the Chennai Police has officially banned the flying of balloons in Chennai. Police said this is the first time balloons have been banned under the Criminal Procedure Code.

Opposition letter to President

Draupadi Murmu

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Draupadi Murmu

CBI According to a report in Dinantathi newspaper, opposition leaders have written to President Draupadi Murmu alleging that the central government is misusing intelligence agencies like the Enforcement Directorate against opposition leaders.

Central Intelligence Agency like CBI, Enforcement Directorate etc. ruling BJP at center. Opposition leaders have been accusing the coalition government of misusing it against the opposition parties.

For the first time, the opposition parties have written a letter to the new President Draupadi Murmu. This letter has been signed by leaders of Congress, Aam Aadmi Party, Rashtriya Janata Dal and Communist Party of India.

The salient features of this letter are as follows:-

  • It is brought to your notice that the Narendra Modi government ruling at the center has been actively and consistently misusing the intelligence agencies against its political opponents as part of its vendetta.
  • You should immediately intervene in this matter.
  • The law must be the law. It should be implemented without fear, without favour. It cannot be exercised arbitrarily, on selected persons, on the leaders of important opposition parties, without fairness, as is being done at present.
  • The main objective of doing this is to destroy their reputation and weaken the forces that are ideologically and politically opposed to the BJP.
  • It is also used to divert people’s attention from the day-to-day problems of rising prices of essential commodities, increasing unemployment, loss of livelihood, increasing insecurity of life-liberty-property.

This is stated in the letter.

Also, price hike during monsoon session of Parliament, GST for essential items. It has also been pointed out that the Modi government has been adamant in not allowing an immediate discussion on issues such as imposition.

5G spectrum: 4.3 lakh crore revenue expected


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The long awaited auction for 5G spectrum started yesterday. 72 GHz frequency spectrum has been auctioned. A news has surfaced on the Hindu Tamil website that the government will get Rs 4.3 lakh crore through this.

Reliance Jio, Bharti Airtel, Vodafone Idea and Adani Data Networks are the four companies participating in this auction. Adani is participating in this auction for exclusive use.

The other three telcos are expected to roll out 5G services by the end of this year or by March 2023.

Jio has paid Rs 14,000 crore, Airtel Rs 5,500 crore, Vodafone Idea Rs 2,200 crore and Adani Group Rs 100 crore as deposit funds for this auction.

5G spectrum is being auctioned in three categories namely low frequency, medium frequency and high frequency. 600, 700, 800, 900, 1,800, 2,100, 2,300 MHz are in low frequency category. 3,000 MHz is under medium frequency category and 26 GHz is under high frequency category.

In order to reduce the financial burden of the companies in this auction for 20 years of use, the central government has allowed payment of the auction amount in 20 installments. Accordingly, the companies can pay the amount for the spectrum at the beginning of each year instead of lump sum.

Ahead of the auction, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India yesterday conducted a 5G preview test in Bhopal, Delhi and Bangalore.

4G is currently in use in India. The speed of 5G is said to be 10 times faster than 4G. The report said that at the end of the 4 rounds on the first day, the bidding amount had crossed Rs 1.45 lakh crore.

I understand that Gotabaya is coming back to the country – Sri Lankan Minister


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According to Dinakaran newspaper published in Sri Lanka, Minister and Cabinet Speaker Bandula Gunawardena has said that he knows that Sri Lankan former President Gotabaya Rajapaksa, who is known to have fled abroad, is coming back to Sri Lanka.

Cabinet spokesperson Bandula Gunawar Thana denied the allegation that former President Gotabaya Rajapaksa has absconded and stated that he had gone abroad after obtaining the required visa. He said this while responding to a question raised at a media conference announcing the cabinet results.

It was questioned that the arrest of the former president, who has fled to Singapore and is absconding, has been requested and the United States has also refused to grant him a visa.

Commenting on this, he further mentioned that he is coming back to the country. “I expect that our country’s authorities will take necessary measures so that he does not face any problem,” said the message.

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Balloons banned ahead of PM Modi’s trip for the Chess Olympiad in Chennai

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