First Look | Mahaveeryar – A Rare Fantasy Field in Malayalam Cinema!


The film online is about how two different events occurring in different time periods are presented in the court, and how the verdict is formed.

An 18th century king is plagued by chronic hiccups. The hiccups did not stop after drinking water, alcohol and other efforts. If cut like that, Nivin Pauli, the preacher, is accused of idol theft.

These two cases, which take place at different times, go to court, and what happens there? Is the king’s hiccups resolved or not? Is the charge against Nivin Pauly proved? – ‘Mahaveeryar’ is a film that tells this in a fantasy style.

The story of M. Mukundan has been directed by Aprit Shine. He has talked about many subtle things that cannot be summed up as a fun fantasy movie.

He has written a screenplay that is not easily accessible to common screen fans. At the same time, he makes you enjoy and laugh at some places. The manner in which an 18th century issue is juxtaposed with the present day legal system is noteworthy.

Even today, if kings come, the judges give them the first respect, the film satirizes and in some places takes seriously the problems in the judiciary.

The film emphatically criticizes the way judgments are delivered. In the scene where the judge is subordinate to the king, the king is the ruler and the judge is subordinate to him. At the same time, the trend of using women as possessions can be seen in the film. The screenplay which moves patiently in the first half is a bit lethargic.

Nivin Pauly’s character is written with some mystery. He has acted as a preacher with less screen space. Asif Ali didn’t take long either. Dressing up like a warrior, he shows a new dimension in acting. Beyond the two, Lal and Siddique must be mentioned.

The acting is a major strength of the film as they are all excellent actors. Lal’s performance with a hiccup and Siddique’s performance as sarcastic and serious garners attention. The way the twist was broken at the end was a surprise to the viewer. Until then, the movie’s twist will keep the otherwise-opinionated audience entertained. However, it is questionable whether this intricate, confusing screenplay structure will make sense to everyone.

Apart from this, the costumes, jewellery, set design, locations, music give the feel of royal cinema. The strength of the film is the way Ishaan Chapra’s background music has been adapted to the 18th century and the present day. Anees Nadot’s art direction is the achaani of the film. Cinematography by Selvaraj Chanduru helped deliver an epic visual experience.

All in all, although the innovative story-telling is engaging, it is doubtful whether it will fully reach the casual screen buff. Watch ‘Mahaveerer’ in theaters for a different cinema experience.

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