A 3-minute sneak peek of the attention-grabbing film ‘Kulukulu’


Chennai: The sneak peak of actor Santhanam’s ‘Kulukulu’ is out. The scene is so realistic that it reflects the reality that takes place on most roadsides in India on a daily basis.

Actor Santhanam, who used to act as a comedian, is now acting as the main hero of the story. The film ‘Kulukulu’ starring her is directed by director Ratna Kumar. He has directed films like Meyadha Maan and Adaisha. Apart from that, he has also worked on the screenplays of films like Master and Vikram.

It seems that ‘Kulukulu’ will be based on a journey. Produced by Circle Box Entertainment S. Produced by Raj Narayanan. Santhosh Narayanan has composed the music. Philomin Raj has done the editing work. Cinematography by Vijay Karthik Kannan.

Sun TV has got the satellite broadcasting rights of this movie. Udayanidhi Stalin’s Red Giant Movies has bagged the theatrical release rights of the film. This movie will hit the screens on 29th.

In this case, the film crew has released a three-minute scene in the film. In this, Santhanam, who is eating food on the roadside, helps a woman who comes to pray.

Video link for this scene…

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