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Girls continue to be abducted, sexually assaulted and killed in the city. Police officer Srikanth comes to catch the psycho killer who is involved in serial killings. The heroine Hansika’s daughter is also suddenly kidnapped, the police and Hansika are looking for the culprit and the girl. Was the girl rescued safely? Psycho caught? is the story.

Debutant director Jameel has tried to give a scary thriller with an old story. A lot of disappointment in the way it was said.

In this, Hansika’s 50th film, she plays a brave mother to a child. Hansika naturally conveys the anguish and helplessness of a mother who has lost her daughter.

A jolly game with her daughter, a sweet romance with her boyfriend Simbu, a burning anger at the police, and a fit of rage when she sees a criminal is maturity in her performance.

Although it is a guest role for Simbu, they have added a fight and a song for him. But it had no effect. His romantic lines to Hansika are enjoyable as they remind him of Simbu’s own life.

Sujeet Shankar as the villain. He shows the same villainy and brutality that psycho villains have done in many films already. The bloody scene where he kidnaps the girls is disgusting.

Kant as a police officer, Thambi Ramaiah as a police inspector, and Karunakaran as a constable have done the given work. The film’s only solace is Gibran’s background score and Lakshman’s cinematography.

The twist in the break, the surprise next second, makes it easy to assume that this is the case. ‘Maha’ would have been impressive if more pressure had been added to the script.

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