Vasanthapalan, director of Vitamin D, was awarded the National Award for Research Efforts


“Vitamin D is the national award for examination efforts,” director Vasanthapalan said.

The 68th National Film Awards were announced recently. Tamil cinema bagged 10 awards. In this case, director Vasantha Balan wrote on his Facebook page about the National Film Awards, “Praise Surarai, Mandela, Sivaranjani and some women, where is the film? How can you see? Not OTT? Telegraph? As soon as the national award was announced, friends started asking about Torrent from many sides.

Searching for those images for the first time or for a second viewing. There will be re-viewings from many angles, such as looking to see if the film is suitable for the National Award.

National awards usually prompt people to take a closer look at the finer details. Even beyond the reception that Veil got when it was released, Veil got even more attention and appreciation when it won the National Award. The National Award is vitamin D for alternative films, new wave films, experimental efforts rather than commercial films,” he posted.

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