Sorry if online rummy ad hurt you – Malayalam actor Lal


Malayalam actor Lal regretted that he made a mistake by acting in an online rummy ad.

With so many people addicted to the online rummy game, there have been casualties in the past. Many people have demanded to ban this app. The Tamil Nadu government is considering enacting a law against this. Meanwhile, some actors are also protesting for acting in this online rummy advertisement. In this case, actor Lal, who has been acting in Malayalam and Tamil films, expressed his regret for acting in an online rummy advertisement.

In this regard, he said, “I acted in an advertisement. They approached me with the permission of the government. Many actors before me have done such promotions. I agreed to this ad because I had some financial problems during covid. I am sorry if that ad has offended anyone. Please don’t think I am saying this because I feel I have done something wrong.”

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