River: Screen Review


Tamil (Sam Jones), a college student, wants to take his simple family to the next level through his sports skills, giving his father a break to support the family by driving an auto. Bharti (Kayal Anandhi), who studies in the same college, sees Tamil’s talent and befriends him. But Muthiah (Vela.Ramamurthy), the local senior politician and Bharti’s great-grandfather, his younger brother (A.Venkatesh) and son (Praveen Kumar) mistakenly believe that Tamil and Bharti are in love. So, what did they do with Tamil? The story is about what life Tamil faced after that.

The story takes place in Madurai. With ‘Nativity’, local politics, class, caste, internal betrayal of relatives and sports have been neatly inserted into the screenplay and the film has been written and directed by Thamaraich Selvan.

He draws special attention in writing characters that are strong and correct in their nature.
Anandi has a heavy role as ‘Bharati’ who fights to save her friend. In it, he shines without showing the shadow of his previous film characters. This moment when he says his love in the court premises is normal!

Believing that education and sportsmanship can advance the family, Sam Jones captivates as the debutant in moments of stumbling and revealing the pain of loss as he moves forward.
Vela is thrilling in his depiction of casteist ferocity and the ferocity that emerges through it.

Characteristic character living through verses suits Karu Palaniappan very well. Jamai learns to be a ‘master’ in playing the role of Dharipandi. Muneeshkanth gives a character performance that stands outside the comedy as an auto driver who has built his life through Rajini’s confident punchy lines and the father of a common family.

MS Prabhu’s cinematography shows today’s Madurai without any jots. Although the final scene of the film lacks tension, caste, politics and sports are neatly inserted into a love story, so you can freely bathe in this rushing ‘river’!

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