Ilayaraja will take oath as Rajya Sabha MP tomorrow


It has been reported that music composer Ilayaraja will take office as a member of the Rajya Sabha tomorrow.

Those who excel in their respective fields are appointed by the President as nominated members of the Rajya Sabha. Accordingly, music composer Ilayaraja, athlete PT Usha, screenwriter V. Vijayendra Prasad and Virendra Hegde were appointed as nominated members of the Rajya Sabha. Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulated the selected candidates.

In this case, the monsoon session of Parliament started recently. Then the appointed members of the Rajya Sabha were called to take office one by one. Then, when Rajya Sabha Speaker Venkaiah Naidu called Ilayaraja, everyone clapped.

However, Ilayaraja could not attend the swearing-in ceremony as he had gone to America to participate in a concert. Meanwhile, Ilayaraja returned to Chennai on the 19th. In this case, information has come out that Ilayaraja is going to take the post of Rajya Sabha MP tomorrow.

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