Annamalai greeted Nanjiamma in person – the pride of the Irular tribe


BJP president Annamalai personally met and congratulated singer Nanjiamma, who has been announced with a national award. He has also uploaded a related video.

The 68th National Film Awards were announced yesterday in Delhi. The Tamil film industry won 10 awards out of it. The best playback singer (female) award for ‘Ayyappanum Koshyyum’ in Malayalam has been announced for tribal Nanjiamma.

Talking about this, he said, “I am an unknown person. I was doing many jobs like herding goats and cows. Only the director Sachi sir took me to the outside world. The people of the country happily welcomed me and made me know the outside world. But Sachi sir, who showed me the world, is no longer in this world today. .I will receive this award for him.

Knowingly or unknowingly, he is the one who made me connect with this film. Everyone has to die someday. If Sachi sir was around today, he would have been proud of me getting the award. Even in death I have taken care of him. Happy to get the award. All the people of the country should get this happiness,” said Nanjiamma.

In this case, BJP president Annamalai met him personally and congratulated him. In this regard, Annamalai said on her Twitter page, “Shrimati Nanjamma is the pride of the Irular tribe. He attracted millions of people with his voice. I am proud to be one of them. It was an honor to meet him. I am happy that Nanjamma Bhatti has received the National Award for Best Playback Singer.

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