This is the 9th National Award… Editor Shrikar Prasad who is achieving silently!

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Cinematographer Sreekar Prasad has been awarded the National Award for Best Cinematography for ‘Sivaranjani and Some Women’, making him the editor with 9 National Awards.

The 68th National Awards were announced in Delhi yesterday. Tamil cinema won 10 national awards. Especially the movie ‘Suraraippoortu’ has won 5 awards. Besides, ‘Sivaranjani and some other women’ has been selected as the best Tamil film. The best editor award went to Sreekar Prasad and the supporting actress award went to Lakshmi Priya Chandramelali for this film. This is the 9th National Award for Editor Srikar Prasad. He said, ‘I am more than happy to receive the 9th National Award’.

Sreekar Prasad has done editing for many language films including Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Hindi and Kannada. He made his debut as a film editor in the Hindi film ‘Swadi’ released in 1986 and won his first National Award within the next 4 years.

He also holds the record of ‘Most Language Film Editor’ in the ‘Limca Book of Records’. He has edited 17 language films so far. He has also received the ‘People of the Year’ award from the ‘Limca Book of Records’ for his extensive contribution to Indian cinema. Awarded and honored.

As far as cinema is concerned, only the directors and actors are seen as great, but the work of the people behind the scenes is not recognized to a great extent.

In that sense, it is noteworthy that Srikar Prasad, the important cinematographer of Indian cinema, has received various awards including 9 National Awards. He has edited hundreds of films and now he has edited the film ‘Ponniin Selvan Part 1’.

Shrikar Prasad Details of National Award Winning Films:

  • Best Film Editing – Raakh (1989).
  • Best Film Editing – Rag-Birag (1996).
  • Best Non-Feature Film Editing – Nauka Caritramu (1997)
  • Best Film Editing – The Terrorist (1998).
  • Best Film Editing – Vaanaprastham (2000).
  • Best Film Editing – Kiss on the Cheek 2002
  • Best Cinematography – Firaaq 2008
  • Best Referee Award – Kutty Srank, Kaminey, Kerala Verma Palasi Raja
  • (Kerala Varma Pazhassi Raja)
  • Best Movie Collection – Sivaranjani and some girls 2020

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