“Santhanam is the reason why people accepted me as an actor” – Udayanidhi

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Udhayanidhi Stalin has said that actor Santhanam is the reason why people have accepted me as an actor.

Actor Santhanam’s movie ‘Gulu Gulu’ is directed by director Ratnakumar, who directed films including ‘Meyadha Maan’ and ‘Adai’. Athulya Chandra plays the female lead in this film. Davi, Namitha Krishnamurthy, Pradeep Rawat, Mariam George, Sai Deena, ‘Lollu Saba’ Maran, Sesu have acted.

The shooting of the film, composed by Santhosh Narayanan, was completed recently. The teaser of the film was released recently and received a great response. A press conference was held regarding the release of the film on July 29.

Music director Santhosh Narayanan said, “This film is my favorite among the films I have worked on. The director has a fresh writing style. He allowed me to work freely on this film. Ratnakumar has a big place in Tamil cinema. This film will be my independent album. This film will be an important film in the history of Tamil cinema,” he said.

Director Ratnakumar said, “Three years have passed since I directed the film. Many friends like director Ravikumar, Madonna Ashwin, Lokesh Kanagaraj helped for this film. Their role is in this film. Once when Lokesh came to the sets, he did not recognize the hero Santhanam.

Santhanam’s appearance had changed so much. This film is a bit different, the characters are all different. It was Santosh Narayanan who turned it into a perfect film,” he said.

Actor Santhanam said: ”The suggestions given by Udhayanidhi after watching this film were for a director. He was very helpful in releasing this film.

I really liked when Ratnakumar told this story. This movie will have what fans who come to theaters today expect. Santhosh Narayanan has given me the set music to be a hit. His songs are heard everywhere. Ratnakumar has put in a lot of hard work in this film,” he said.

Actor Udayanidhi Stalin said, “I came here as a producer, not as an actor. Santhanam is always my ‘friend’ ‘Partha’. It was because of him that people accepted me as an actor. I have seen this movie. The film has turned out well. Since this movie is being directed by Ratnakumar, without seeing the movie, I was hoping that this movie will be a great one. Everyone has enjoyed this film, apart from Santhanam,” he said.

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