“Sai Pallavi who acts in body language without verse” – Kali Venkat Appreciation

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It took almost 9 takes to speak a line in Kargi. As for Sai Pallavi, actor Kalivenkat praised that he acts with body language without dialogue.

Directed by Gautham Ramachandran, Sai Pallavi starrer ‘Kargi’ is centered around Palian’s atrocities on children. The film released in theaters on 15th and received good response.

Govind Vasantha composed the music for the film. A thanksgiving event was held in Chennai for the film starring RS Sivaji, Saravanan, Kali Venkat and others.

Speaking at the event, Sai Pallavi said, “I went to the theater and watched the movie with people. They shared feelings rather than appreciation. It was a pleasure to see it,” he said.

When Kali Venkat speaks, “Criticism starts from the break only for big films. Glad to have a Corgi film in that line up. It took almost 9 takes to speak a single verse in the film. If an artiste had absorbed his character so much Sai would have said the pallavi in ​​body language without words. He would have acted beautifully in the scene where he could not see his father. In a short span of time, the film has reached everyone. “Kargi is a very important film for me,” he said.

Actor RS Sivaji said, “Needless to say, Kargi is a different film. Director Gautham must be commended for his courage. After telling the story, I agreed to act. He said immediately come and shoot tomorrow. Gautham, why are you being so unfair on the second day of shooting? I don’t know the whole story.

But, on the second day itself, I asked how I could act in the climax scene. He said I will tell you. It was a great experience acting with Sai Pallavi. I am currently playing a father to beautiful actresses. First I played Nayanthara’s father. Now I have played Saipallavi’s father. Kali Venkat will make you realize who he is in his performance. He is not an actor but a star,” he said.

Transgender Sudha said, “I feel obliged to thank the director at this time. I wondered why he chose a transgender for this role. After watching the movie, my friends appreciated it. Only my close relatives will talk to me. But after the release of the film, distant relatives in Kerala are also contacting me.

I don’t know if we will ever see a man like Kalivenkat again. He eats only after seeing that everyone has eaten. Therefore, he has become a hero.’

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