Red Giant Movies has acquired the theatrical rights of Arulnidhi’s ‘Diary’


Chennai: Red Giant Movies has acquired the Tamil Nadu theatrical release rights of the upcoming movie ‘Diary’ starring actor Arulnidhi. The announcement has been officially announced by the company.

Actor Arulnidhi has been acting in films with different storylines. Films like Dimonti Colony, Brindavanam, Nalu Polisum Nalla Uta Ura, Ekor Kanni U Munu Kalavani and others can be mentioned as examples.

Now she has acted in the upcoming film titled Diary. Looking at its posters, it seems that this film is made in the crime thriller genre. It is produced by S. Kathiresan on behalf of 5 Star Creations. The film is directed by debutant director Innasi Pandian. It seems that he has worked as a co-writer in Cobra.

In this case, Udayanidhi Stalin’s Red Giant Movies has now acquired the Tamil Nadu theatrical release rights of this film. Red Giant Movies was launched in 2008. This company looks after the film production and distribution.

This company produced the film ‘Guruvi’ starring actor Vijay as its first film. It has produced a total of 15 films so far. The company has released more than 31 films so far.

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