“It motivates me to work in good films” – Actor Suriya on the National Award

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Last November 2020, ‘Surarai Potoru’ was released on Amazon Prime Video OTD platform. The film was produced by ‘Surya-Jyotika’ couple under 2D Entertainment banner. Directed by Sudha Kongara. Suriya, Aparna Balamurali, Urvashi, Mohan Babu, Karunas, Poo Ramu, Kali Venkat also acted in it.

‘Surarai Pobuttu’ is a film based on the life story of retired army captain GR Gopinath. The film won awards in five categories at the 68th National Film Awards. It has won National Awards in five categories including Best Film, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Music Score (Background Score) and Best Screenplay.

Actor Suriya has issued a statement in this regard. In it, “Hello.. First of all my sincere thanks to all those who fill their lives with warm wishes.. It is a great joy that the film ‘Surarai Pothu’ has received ‘Five National Awards’. The film, which was released in the midst of unexpected crises during the pandemic, was well received in India.

It is doubly happy that director Sudha Kongara, who has worked for many years to make the life of the self-confident Captain Gopinath into a great film, has been given the best recognition for his creativity. National awardee Sudha Kongara – Shalini Usha Nair, G.V. Heartfelt appreciation to Prakash, Aparna Balamurali, co-producer Rajasekhar Karpura Sundarabandian and everyone else. This recognition is due to all the crew who helped to make a great movie.

Also, congratulations to my brother Ajay Devgan, who shares the National Award for Best Actor with me, and to the National Award-winning director Vasant Sai, Srikar Prasad, Lashmi Priya Chandramouli, director Madon Ashwin and all the fellow artists who are receiving the 68th National Award.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to director Vasant Sai and producer Mani Ratna who believed in me and introduced me in the movie ‘Nerku Neru’. I dedicate this award to my family including mother, father, Karthi and Brenda who have always supported me with love and guidance, to my Jyotika who insisted on acting and producing the movie ‘Surarai Pottu’, and to my children Diya and Dev.

Heartfelt love and gratitude to the people who welcome and celebrate my efforts and my loving brothers and sisters who are always there for me in my ups and downs. Heartfelt thanks to the Selection Committee and Government of India.
Thank you again to all those who are showering with love,” he said.

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