Condoms selling out at lightning speed! Intoxication by condom.. Officers threatening youth with action



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Published: Sunday, July 24, 2022, 0:06 [IST]

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Kolkata: In the state of West Bengal, the matter of students using drugs to get high has caused a great shock among the authorities there.

Tobacco use is very high in India. Similarly, with the increasing use of alcohol, there has been a demand to ban it

Despite such claims, many different substances are used for intoxicants in our town. One such incident is taking place in West Bengal.

Ah.. Chee.. Ordered a watch online.. Came with a condom.. and that too..!  Youth in shock!Ah.. Chee.. Ordered a watch online.. Came with a condom.. and that too..! Youth in shock!



At first I didn’t know why they were buying so much. Only after that it came to light that some youths were using them as drugs. I asked a young man who comes to my shop everyday about this. He informed that he was only buying condoms for drugs,” he said. This has also been brought to the attention of the authorities.



Regarding this, some officials said, “When flavored condoms are soaked in hot water, some kind of alcohol mixture is released. Students use that water for intoxicating. They boil the condoms in water and leave it overnight. After that, they drink it for about 10 to 12 hours. Addicting up to” they said.

  what will happen

what will happen

Doctors from the area said, “Condoms contain some aromatic compounds. When they are heated in water, they break down and form alcohol. Soaking condoms in hot water for a long time causes intoxication as large organic molecules break down into alcohol compounds. They quickly become addicted to the drug.”



However, this is not the first time that youngsters have resorted to strange methods to get drugs. Cough syrup, gum, paint, nail polish, hand sanitizers, and even balms are also used by some for addiction. It is noteworthy that in Nigeria, the sale of toothpaste and shoe polish increased at one point due to drug addiction.

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West Bengal seen a sudden surge in the demand for flavored condoms as youths using it to get intoxicated: Getting intoxicated using flavored condoms.

Story first published: Sunday, July 24, 2022, 0:06 [IST]

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