What is special about the film ‘Ayyappanum Koshiyum’ which won 4 National Awards?


Best Director – KR Sachithanandhan; Best Supporting Actor – Bijumenon; Best Playback Singer (Female) – Nanjamma and Best Fight Direction – Rajasekhar, Mafia Sasi and Supreme Sundar.

KR Sachithanandan, who has been hailed as the best director, is no longer alive. However, his work ‘Ayyappanum Koshiyum’ has an inescapable place in Malayalam cinema. This is a recap article analyzing the highlights of the film…

Sachi is one of the most successful screenwriters of Malayalam. The film that made him successful as a director was ‘Ayyappanum Koshiyum’. Bijumenan, Prithviraj Sukumaran and Ayyappan have acted as Koshi.

The entire story is tightly woven through these two characters. Sachi had a similar strong screenplay in ‘Ramleela’ which was a big hit for Dileep. The movie ‘Driving License’ released in December 2019 and directed by Junior Lal and written by Sachi is almost based on the same plot. The film revolves around the ego clashes between a superstar and his ardent fan. Starring Suraj Venjaramood and Prithviraj, the two characters will use their full powers to try to defeat each other.

In ‘Ayyappanum Koshiyum’ it is a clash of egos between a political and bureaucratic figure and the police from the adivasi area. It is the Attappadi forest area where consumption and possession of liquor is prohibited. From there, on the way to Uti with liquor bottles, Koshy is caught in a police check. A retired army man, he didn’t take it too seriously.

He rushes to beat the police due to lack of drugs. At this point, Ayyappan’s arrogance is revealed. Even at the police station, Koshy’s indifference increases. Ayyappan, the policeman, also becomes fiercely selfish. He adds two additional sections to the case. It was only after the arrest that Koshy’s hold on the bureaucracy and the seized phone number came to light. Ayyappan himself provides some amenities for Koshi. However, in the case of non-bailable by the added sections, Koshy is requested to enjoy court custody.

Ayyappan, who is waiting for the best guard award, did not expect the losses that would follow. For a non-Nair caste, his Adivasi mother has added ‘Ayyappan Nair’ to his name. Koshio belonged to a prestigious Christian family of Kattappani.

The film also takes into account the inherent contradictions between two people at two levels of society; Likewise, contradictions emerge as words and rage. Set amidst the hills of Attapadi, Sachi has depicted these scenes against the backdrop of the land’s unique Natar music.

In 2015, the same Prithviraj-Biju Menon team-up, his first film ‘Anarkali’, was shot in the backdrop of Lakshadweep. He has also succeeded in portraying the language of that land, which is a mixture of Tamil and Malayalam. However, the film did not bring him success due to the delay in the script.

The film also questions many traditional attributions with the contradictions between Ayyappan and Koshy. In particular, it calls into question something that society and cinema have nurtured as ‘goodness’. The dialogues like ‘Are there no men in your house?’, ‘Aan Sakhap nanavan’ are used in the film. Taught to retreat in fear, the film’s two female characters lash out at Prithviraj.

Before this the character falls apart somewhat; Then accepts it. Prithviraj, the young superstar of Malayalam, took on this role and acted bravely. Biju Menon’s character does not change her position until the final scene. Prithviraj’s character is designed like the villains who usually realize their mistakes in popular films.

Biju Menon stands firm in his stance, rising through every scene as if ready to take the field from the start. That means the side of justice. Prithviraj’s character oscillates between arrogance, imputation and justification.

The director has tried to convey traditional values ​​through the character of director Ranjith, who plays the role of Prithviraj’s father. The character itself is the form of those attributes; Prithviraj’s masculinity is also being questioned. Prithviraj’s mother and wife character development and the way they are revealed are weak. But on the other hand Kelari Nanda’s character work as Biju Menon’s wife, an adivasi, has come out well.

The film can be divided into two parts, Ayyappan as a policeman and Ayyappan as a dancer. The fight between Ayyappan who has the nature of the forest and Koshi who has the nature of the country becomes interesting in the later part of the film. In one scene Biju Menon’s character takes on Chapumon’s character as if fueling this fight. In this scene, Ayyappan’s vow begins. Sachi has subtly created this scene between these two parts of the film.

Another special aspect of this film is the portrayal of the system. It clearly conveys the conflict between an organization and its employee who stoops to help an influential person. The film has carefully depicted many things like caste, politics, organization and society. At the same time it is also determined that it is not the center. Its approach has succeeded in identifying old lies deeply embedded in the social psyche.

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