Ranveer Singh Photoshoot Controversy | Can a woman get the same appreciation? – Mimi Chakraborty


Mumbai: Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh is known for his unique personality and style of dressing. Ranveer Singh has become the talk of social media from time to time due to his strange choice of clothes.

In that way, Ranveer Singh’s new photoshoot photos were released on the internet today. Ranveer was shirtless in these photos. Many people on the internet praised Ranveer as “very brave, he doesn’t care about anyone’s opinion”. Some had criticized his photographs.

In this context, MP and actress Mimi Chakraborty said on her Twitter page about Ranveer’s photos, “Many people are praising Ranveer’s photos as attractive. If a woman had accepted this photo shoot, I wonder if a woman would get the same kind of praise or if she would be badmouthed about her behavior by threatening to burn down her house and kill her.

We talk about equality, where is it? Your perspective can change or destroy something. We need to broaden our perspective on this matter. Because our body emerges with a lot of sacrifices. Believe me.” posted that.

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