First Look | Dejavu – A different thriller venture. But..?


The film’s online tagline is “Corruption rolls and feeds”.

A woman is kidnapped by a mysterious masked gang. This story is written by an author and takes place in reality. His writings come to life causing confusion for those around him. Since the woman being kidnapped is a woman from Periya, the incident is dealt with by undercover officer Vikram Kumar (Arulnidhi) without it being known to the public.

Why was the woman abducted to heat up the investigation related to this? Who was kidnapped? How is authorship actually possible? – ‘Dejavu’ is a screenplay that answers many unanswered questions in a thriller style.

Arulnidhi, who has been acting in thriller films as an ideal, appears on the screen 20 minutes after the start of the film. Clean shaven, glasses, ironed shirt, and a face that doesn’t even bloom, Karar gets attention as a contract officer. He has given a performance befitting the character in the required meter without overacting.

Famous Madhubala who acted in ‘Roja’ and ‘Gentleman’ has played the role of DGP. But he lacks the elegance and majesty of a state DGP. Irrelevant selection and artificial acting in places.

Apart from this, Kali Venkat, Smruti Venkat, Chethan and Raghav Vijay have given excellent performances. While Achyut Kumar’s performance as a writer is attractive, MS Bhaskar’s dubbing voice makes two characters stand out from time to time.

Debut director Arvind Srinivasan has written and directed the film. Suspense thrillers generally build a world and draw the audience into it. Anything can happen in that chaotic world. Thriller genres have the power to finally add their due justification and leave the audience excited and satisfied from the theatres. People’s favorite too.

In that way, the beginning of the film ‘Tejavau’ gives an interesting. Unlike usual, the visual ‘writings come to life in the writer and move in reality’ adds to the interest. The director picks up the pace in the first half by dragging the same tone and twists and turns. Beyond the hijacking, there is a keen interest among the audience to know the reason behind the creation of the author’s writings. That’s a good start.

Expectations were high in the second half as the justifications for the suspense in the first half and the answers to the confusions would be released. But the reasons for that are weak and artificial, which prevents it from connecting with the film. Too many logical lapses and confusion in the answers to the puzzles leads to boredom.

Especially when the emotionally engaging scenes that make the audience feel one with the film are nominally kept and those scenes have no effect on the viewers.

Although Gibran’s background music in the film was okay in some scenes, overall it could have helped add more oomph. Muthiah’s cinematography is overall fulfilling. Arul E Siddharth’s strength is that he cuts the length perfectly without adding unnecessary scenes.

All in all Dejavu starts off with a weird first half, approaches a slower second half and reaches a typical ending. ‘Dejavu’ would have joined the list of good thriller films if the second half had been menacked with interesting scenes.

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