Director Madon Ashwin won 2 National Awards for ‘Mandela’


Chennai: Debutant director Madon Ashwin, who wrote and directed ‘Mandela’, has won the National Award for Best Debut Director and Best Screenplay in the Script category. He directed this film in a completely different plot and attracted attention.

Mandela was released in April 2021. This is a movie starring actor Yogi Babu. The film is made with panchayat elections as the backdrop. It was broadcast live on private television. Also released on Netflix ODT platform. The film received a positive reaction from critics.

It also attracted attention among the fans. It was one of 14 films shortlisted for the Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language Film. Read>> From the last biryani to the last peasant | Notable Recent Works in Tamil – An Overview

Film industry and fans are congratulating director Madon Ashwin.

What is the story? – Two villages living side by side. Local elections are coming up to elect a single panchayat president for them. One candidate from each side. Both the towns turn a ‘commoner’ named Ilichavayan, who owns the single vote that determines victory in the election, into a VIP.

With this original political parody, ‘Otukku Tuttu’ is a film that sheds light on politics. Even though it depicts two villages, the political satire genre has become rich by symbolizing and parodying the field realities such as caste, money chauvinism and citizens who have forgotten the value of their vote, which are rampant in today’s party politics.

“What will you do if you win?”, “If I come to office, I will put 12,000 money in the account of all the people of the town”, “If you don’t vote, let’s cut you down”, the film featured realistic dialogues. Madon Ashwin has now won the National Award for Best Debut Director and Best Lyrics for this work.

Currently he is directing the film ‘Maveeran’ starring actor Sivakarthikeyan.

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