Behind the Kite Scene of ‘Baba’… – Rajini shared the background


Chennai: Actor Rajinikanth has said that films Sri Raghavendra and Baba gave him the most satisfaction.

Speaking at the release of a Tamilized book of Yogatha Satsangsat in Chennai today, Rajini shared his experiences on the film Baba.

Speaking at the event, Rajini said: “A lot of people know about Sri Raghavendra only after the film. Similarly, many people do not know about the power of Maha Avatar Babaji and that there is such a Yogi. A lot of people came to know about it only after the movie Baba came out. I have heard Sangha members saying that many people have joined the Yogada Satsang after watching Baba’s film.

Many people have gone to Kanchi after that film. It was amazing that hundreds of people have visited the Ranikad cave in the Himalayas. There is a small cave. Although not many people go there now, they do go into the cave, so they have closed it so that no one is in danger. What makes me very happy is that two of my fans have become Sannyasis in Yogada Satsang. I am still here as an actor.

Now I understand why the hardships and sufferings Baba faced while shooting the film. You have read many books about Paramahamsa Yogananda. A lot of people don’t know about him. From childhood he had a special power. You must have seen the scene where a kite comes to hand in the movie Baba. It was taken from that book.

One day when a kite was flying, Yogananda told his sister that he would bring the kite to me. Then his name was Mukunda. His sister asked him how it could be, and when Yogananda looked at the kite as it was, the kite fell into his hands. Seeing it, his sister says, “It happened by chance. You can fly another kite again.” Second a kite also comes and sits on his hand. That’s what I had in the film Baba.

Similarly, when you beat him one day, Mukunda says you will get a pimple. He says it won’t go away. Similarly the next day a pimple appears and it becomes a big sore. Immediately the sister gets scared.

He had a power at such a young age. His mind should always go to Himalaya. I kept thinking that I should go and meditate in the cave there. Once Yogananda left for the Himalayas without even telling his brother. He would have been ten or fifteen years old then. After that his brother goes to Himalaya and fetches him. Paramahamsa Yogantha always had the idea of ​​the caves in the Himalayas,” said Rajinikanth.

In 1917, Yogadas Satsangtha Sangam was founded by Yogananda. Autobiography of a Yogi is his famous book. It is worth recalling that Rajinikanth, who has gifted this book to many, had also published a book titled Divine Love of Yogananda Satsang in 2017.

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