First Look | River – banked or drowned?


The online of the film is about how the life of a young man gets caught in the middle of caste and politics.

Hero Sam Jones steps into college with the dream of winning the national level badminton tournament, getting a government job and improving his family. The heroine Kayal Anandi, born in a family with political influence and casteism, enters the same college, and the relationship between the two swings between friendship and love.

Will the hero achieve his dream in the end due to some political intrigues in the middle of the caste-dominated crowd who judge this relationship as love? Did the heroine’s love come true? ‘Nadi’ is a film that bends and twists us to the point of what the caste-dominated crowd did to both of them.

Actor Sam Jones is said to be producing and acting in the film. Sam Jones has moved away from the image of a story-demanding hero. That becomes a big problem for the film. The reason is that the compelling character, like a river, has to express aggression where necessary, calmness in some places, and temptation in others. But his monotonous facial expression and acting throughout the film is a drag for the film.

The performance of ‘Kayal’ Anandi and Muneeskanth in the film is comforting. When it comes to caste related films, they book Vela Ramamurthy and Karu Palaniappan first. Also, A. Venkatesh also arrives. It is tiring to see the same emotions and twists again with his faces that we are used to seeing in caste films. Although the acting is okay, there could have been a change in casting. Besides, the opportunities given to ‘Mixet’ Sriram, Kodangi Vadivelu and Ramnishant and the manner in which they utilized them is to be welcomed.

The film is directed by debutant director Thamarai Selvan. ‘Pombala pullaya usure sharadatan papeingala’ – this verse is the main theme of the film. Also an important talking point. But, if a compelling screenplay was built for that, the river would have turned into a flood and hit the fans. The problem is that the first half of the film is full of comedy and the director has struggled to make the friendship between the hero and the heroine blossom.

There is no strength in the scenes written for it. Even if you look at it conceptually, when you look at the hero and say that Sriram has got a microphone set somewhere, the hero says, ‘Have you come here too?’ What is the purpose of the scene and verse? Make the audience laugh? Or for what other purpose the display was placed at that place is not known. What is the meaning of ‘chee’ in the context of anti-sexual attraction?

Even if it had focused on the story it was taking, it could have blatantly talked about caste oppression. But the superficial scenes cannot touch the depth of the core and the first half of the story is a river that flows without any direction.

Due to the easily predictable scenes, the uninteresting second half also fails to save us from the river. Since the simple friendship and love scenes are not stressful, the problems that erupt and the damage it causes, do not create any temptation in the audience.

The film is likely to disappoint those who were inspired by the soundtracks of Dibu Ninan Thomas’ past films. Songs are also not taken. Cinematography by MS Prabhu fulfills the requirement of the film.

All in all, the river has engulfed, drowned and suffocated the peepers.

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