Dhanush was to play my character in Kumbalangi Nights – Fahadh Basil

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“I played the role that Dhanush was supposed to play in Kumbalangi Nights,” said Fahadh Basil, the actor and producer of the film.

The movie ‘Kumbalanki Nights’ was released in the year 2019 and was directed by Madhu Sreenarayanan and written by Shyam Pushkar. The film featured a huge cast including Fahad Basil, Chaubin Shakir, Shaun Nigam, Srinath Bassi, Anna Ben, Tamil actors Ramesh Tilak, Sheela Rajkumar.

The film was produced by Dileshbothan and Shyam Pushkaran along with Fahadh Basil. Made on a budget of Rs 6 crore, the film collected 39 crores at the box office and was a huge hit among the fans. Actor Fahadh Basil will play the role of Shammi in this film. He said in a recent interview that Dhanush was initially going to play this character.

In a part of the interview he gave, “The character I played in Kumbalangi Nights should be played by actor Dhanush. Initially we planned to cast him. But then Dhanush could not be cast in the film due to budget. So in the end I had to act myself. I consider casting to be very important in the films I produce.

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