“Completely broken… forgive me” – Pragita explains


Actress Pragita has apologized for the controversial comment she made and expressed regret.

The movie ‘Shadow of the Night’ directed by actor Parthiban was released in theaters on 15th. Filmed in a 96-minute single shot Naan linear screenplay, the film stars Varalakshmi Sarathkumar, Robo Shankar and Brigida in lead roles. AR Rahman has composed the music for the film.

Amidst the release of the film and receiving mixed reviews, actress Pragita said in a recent interview, “Shadow of the Night is a story about an individual. Only bad things have happened in his life. It can only be called raw. Now if we go to a slum area, we can only hear such words. People know how they talk. It cannot be cheated for cinema” he said. His speech caused controversy. Many took to social media to post their condemnations.

Later, he said on his Twitter page, “I sincerely apologize for the words I said. I was going to say that the language varies depending on the place, but it turned out to be wrong. Forgive me” he had posted.

Following this, actor Parthiban also apologized for Brigida’s speech. In it, “I apologize on Brigitta’s behalf, to those who have been hurt. The story takes place in 1989. The change in slum population in 2022 is due to their hard fought education. “My films are mostly about making the slum people heroes,” he said.

Pragita, who met the media today, said, “I apologize for saying that. This movie was a big start in my life. I couldn’t be happy even for two full days. In that interview I tried to tell how they speak in each town. But I deeply regret that it has been misunderstood. Totally broke. forgive me. Thank you” he said.

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