My Dear Goblin: Screen Review


Karkimukhi (Prabhudeva) is a male deity. Its son Kingini playfully breaks a sage’s penance and receives his curse. Garkimukhi accepts the curse instead of his son, turns into a statue and falls on earth. Those who touch it and wipe it can get rid of the curse and come back to life. Thirunavukarasu (Ashwanth of ‘Super Deluxe’ fame) is a school boy who unexpectedly touches the statue of Karkimukhi and gives salvation.

But only if the life givers chant a mantra within 48 days, Karkimukhi can return to the Buddha world and join his son. Thiruvanukarasu also has a problem of stuttering. Whether he was able to chant the mantra correctly and help the goon is the rest of the story.

Prabhu Deva has played the role of a fantasy goon very well. His Karkimukhi Buddha appearance is a mixture of ancient and modern. His character design appeals to both children and adults, with innocent body language and scripted humor suited to a child’s world, and understanding of their favorite mysteries.

The friendship that develops between Goblin and the boy and the sentimental scenes created through it are the attractive features of the film. Boy Ashwant’s emotional performance surpasses Prabhudeva in many scenes. In particular, Ashwant brings out the taunts he faces due to stuttering and the resulting stress in his performance. Ramya Nambisan, who plays the boy’s mother, does her job flawlessly.

The fantasy scenes that abound in the film are of the ‘okay’ variety. If they had reached absolute standards in graphics, visual effects, the film would have gone one step further. Prabhu Deva’s dance and D.Iman’s music make up for this shortcoming. The song ‘Master Oh My Master’ in particular works the magic of enthralling the kids en masse.

Stuttering is not a physical disability. It is a mental issue. You can watch this movie with your family for the high message that it is easy to come out of it if you listen to what people with problems have to say, remove their grievances and restore their self-confidence, rather than medical treatment, through a fantasy story.

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