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‘Sabashmithu’ is about the challenges faced by a woman trying to enter the male-dominated world of cricket.

Born in a Tamil family in Hyderabad, Mithali Raju was introduced to cricket at an early age through a friend. He invests tireless work with continuous training and excels. As a result, the captaincy of the Indian women’s team came to him, and he built a women’s cricket team. ‘Sabash Mithu’ is the challenges and hurdles she had to face to identify a women’s team in cricket, which is believed to be a men’s game.

Taapsee as Mithali Raja. He has thought a lot for the film. The amount of work she has put in for the film by losing weight, bulking up, practicing various batting techniques including footwork and cover drives reminds Mithali of hiding Taapsee on screen. He realistically reflects the emotions involved with facial expressions without the accompaniment of dialogues.

Similarly, Inayat Verma, who played his childhood character, acted brilliantly. Kasthuri Jagnam’s performance as his friend is noteworthy. Vijay Raj as coach is a suitable choice. The rest of the cast were all natural which helped the film immensely. Directed by Srisid Mukherjee, the film is based on the life of Mithali Raj, captain of the Indian women’s team.

A CAI officer called Pune who was working there and asked, ‘Tell me the name of a female cricketer you know?’ When asked, the peon muttered without knowing the answer. Even we who watch the film. That is an important question. That peon is the lifeblood of cricket. But, the answer is no. Cricket is a religion in India. But in that religion only men are gods. There is no place for women. It is commendable that the film speaks strongly about it. Similarly, Taapsee is asked in a press conference, ‘Name your favorite male cricketer’. To that he said, ‘Go to them and ask this question and buy”.

In fact even Mithali Rajum has struggled to break this. The way the struggle is portrayed makes the audience feel guilty. Somewhere, the Indian women’s team, preparing to take off on a plane, would be struggling with a thousand restrictions. The scene of the men’s cricket team marching wildly in the same venue with proper police protection and cheering will emphatically present gender discrimination.

First of all, the attempt to document the life of a female cricketer on screen is commendable. The struggles, challenges, obstacles, discrimination and pain of the women’s cricket team make the viewers understand the various issues happening in the world of cricket. The cricket related scenes of the film have come out well.

Additional songs do not help in enhancing the screenplay in any way but rather slow it down. Too much length for the film is exhausting. Usually in sports films, they score by putting interesting scenes to watch while sitting at the tip of the ace. However, the film did not score as interesting as Mithali’s score in the field.

Besides, the final scene of the film and the way it captures the family background of each female lead adds strength. Music composer Aamir Trivedi’s songs are okay, but if he had more talent, it would have been a good album. Sirsha Rae’s cinematography has impressive cricket practice scenes.

All in all, watch the film to learn about Mithali Raj, one of the greatest contemporary players of women’s cricket, and the gender discrimination that takes place in the world of cricket.

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