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Dr. Sathya (Ram Pothineni) of the Madurai Government Hospital saves a man who was attacked by the raiders and is fighting for his life. The same mob enters the hospital and kills those who are saved.

The doctor is furious at this. “They are Guru’s (Adi) men” and his fellow doctors suppress him. When Satya confronts the irresistible Guru, the mobsters assault him and hang him.

The film depicts how Satya, who returns as a police officer, kills the guru and turns Madurai into a park of peace. Love and sentiment are sprinkled in between.

A film directed by Lingusamy after a long gap. After it becomes action, there is no logic in seeing it. Everything that a hero-roody clash film has, it has. It is usually the police who arrest the rowdy. In this, ‘Doctor Police’ does.

Telugu hero Ram Pothineni has come to Tamil through this film. He fights aggressively. He shows love to his mother and dances beautifully with his girlfriend.

In particular, he speaks Tamil without the Telugu accent. Keerthy Shetty impresses as ‘Whistle Mahalakshmi’. He likes to narrate what happens to him on FM, admitting to the hospital because he has taken medicine.

Adi Pinizetti as the rowdy ‘Guru’. Although he does the villainy perfectly, he makes you look up at some places. His looks and looks are perfect for the character. Nadia as Veera’s mother. Where Adi threatens, his retorts are entertaining.

Brahmaji as a tenacious police inspector, hospital dean Jayaprakash, Adi’s wife Akshara Gowda, and doctor Brinda Sarathy all do the work given to them.

The songs ‘Whistle’ and ‘Bullattu’ in Devi Sriprasad’s music are enjoyable. Cinematography by Sujith Vasudev showcases the action magnificence in action.

There are a lot of things that the film failed to notice such as the number plates of Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu alternating on the vehicles, Kurnool Kondareddy Fort being called Madurai. The ego between rowdy and hero can be said more strongly. A predictably weak screenplay fails to add strength to the film, but action buffs will enjoy it more.

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