The last post and dramatic individuality by Pratap Bothan: Tributes from netizens

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Actor and director Pratap Bothan passed away. He is 69. He has acted in more than 100 films in Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu and Hindi since 1980s. After the death of Pratap Bothan, many of his fans have been posting condolences and memories on social media. From that collection…

Johnson Joe Romerr: A versatile actor and director. As a fan of Pratap Bothan’s death, I am deeply saddened. May his soul rest in the shadow of Lord.

srivatsparam29: Immortal Golams, Panneer Pushpams and Mist are still memories in my mind… Anjali… Pratap Bothan.

Materubagan: Best Actor.. Director.. Pratap Bothan..


I love it so much..
Actor director..


Balamurugan: Pratap Bothan is a great actor, screenwriter, good director. His Balumakendra-directed films, Aavaram Poo first came out in Malayalam. All those performances are great…

Asurakavi: Pratap Bothan has completed his screen career.

Wolfrik: It will always be said that he is a good director.

Ramaseshan KS: Tribute to Pratap Bothan. He is one of the gems thrown away by the film industry!

Vasan MSV: Pratap Bothan is the best director in presenting Ilayaraja’s songs. According to the music, he would threaten scenes, atmosphere, colors and innovations. My Dear Marthanda is a fantastic fantasy with every song so beautifully shot. Miss Him.

Ashok R: Pratap Bothan is mostly known for playing ‘psycho’ roles in Namur. But he is a great director. I have mentioned him many times as my favorite director. Check out his list of films. …

Geetha Narayanan: The very dramatic Tamil cinema changed its nature in the 80s, many faces. One of them is Pratap Bothan. Don’t Pinch Your Heart, Panneer Pushpam, Mudu Bani, Undying Golams, Karellum Senpaka Poo, Again A Love Story are all important films. Now I think of Salil Chowdhury’s song called Poo Samara Pola Nenjam. Rest in Peace Peathap Pothen!

Shahjahan R

· I think in art, but especially in films, people are trying to confirm their own existences – Jim Morrison

I don’t know if you tried the last post by Pratap Bothan yesterday. But. You will remain in our hearts Pratap Pothen.

James David

Once again a love story, Victory Festival, Jeeva, Maithier Marthandon, stylish making director of Atma films, unique actor. Pratap Bothan. REST IN PEACE…!

Bala R Ganesh

It was a bad day.

Ezhumalai Venkatesan: Actor Prathap Bothan, who made a beautiful screenplay in Tamil before making the novel The Bourne Identity into a Hollywood movie, played Kathakhali with Kamal in the name of Victory Festival.

Actor Prathap’s screenplay was very different as the fog, immortal golems do not bite the chest.

Takara is one of the unforgettable moments in Pratap’s film. Vineeth acted in Bharathan’s Malayalam movie Takara which appeared as Aavaramboo in Tamil.

What comes to mind when I think of Pratap is the scene with the guitar in his hand, “En iniya pon nilave ni patuvare”. Pratap Bothan passed away this morning at the age of 70 due to ill health.

Perumal Karuppaiah: When I think of Pratap, I remember the color of poverty, red. 50+ views. I have seen it a few times just for him. Deep condolences!

Ma Tholkappiyan:

I’m sorry!

Actor Pratap Bothan passed away!

There are some actors. We have a feeling that their potential is underutilized. Pratap is one such actor. I have always felt that he could have been used a lot more.

I still haven’t recovered from the amazement of his performance in ‘Varumaiin Kartu Reddy’ and his direction in ‘Vetri Feshiya’!

My deepest condolences to Pratap Bothan!

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