Pratap Bothan was the first choice of uncompromising directors

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Prathap Bothan is not the one who comes under the tag of playing Dhanush’s father in Padikadhavan. Pratap was once among the foremost cast members of the many indispensable directors who created uncompromising cinema for the Tamil community.

The entry of some characters from the 80s Tamil movies will change the course of the film. Pratap Bothan is famous for playing such roles in many films. He acted in more than hundred movies including Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu.

Prathap Bothan has shown his acting skills by acting in the films of directors Mahendran and Balumakendra who have the talent to portray human nature and character. 1980 was also Pratap Bothan’s most important year. Prathap Bothan acted in films directed by Sikaram Balachandran in the same year as the color of poverty is red, Balu Mahendra’s Moodpani and Mahendran’s Nenchathi Killathe.

In particular, the films Again a Love Story and Mist were milestones in Pratap Bothan’s cinematic career. Once again in a love story movie Pratap and Radhika would have shown a moody, childish performance. Similarly, Moodpani is a psycho crime thriller genre film. At the end of the suspense that lasts till the final scene of the film, Pratap Bothan would have shown his soulful performance in the scene of breaking down and crying.

Apart from acting as protagonist and supporting characters, he has directed more than 10 films in languages ​​including Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu. Pratap Bothan directed Kamal Haasan’s success film which is currently traveling in the meta universe. It was in this film that the steady cam camera was used for the first time. Prathap has directed films including Daisy, Rithupeedam, Oru Yatramozhi in Malayalam, films like Again a Love Story, Jeeva, Maider Marthandon, Atma, Makudam, Sivalapperi Pandi, Lucky Man in Tamil and Chaitanya in Telugu.

At the time when Pratap Bothan started his film career, very few heroes including Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan were ruling the Tamil film industry. Taking advantage of that opportunity, he learned the inevitable cinematic formulas of love, dance and fight, and became a hero and did not impress the cinema fans. On the contrary, he has carved a niche for himself in the film industry by choosing and acting in the most talked about films of all time by great directors.

Prathap Bothan, who fits any role like a teacher in Panneer Pushpam, a lover chasing Suhasini in Sindhu Bhairavi, a father-in-law in Priyasaki, a psychiatrist in Ram, has ended his 44-year career today.

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